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New Stars

About INCPA & UMD International: 

Inspire New Creative Performing Arts is a community - based drama company which strives for greatness. It is a dynamic training centre for young children, youth, adults and we believe inspiring others will help people take that step closer to fulfilling their dreams. UMD International is an exciting dance company which believe that they can help improve the mental health of this world, one dance step at a time.

New Stars Performing Arts Project for children aged 7+ delivering FREE accessible classes for children in deprived neighbourhoods. 

Funded by Newcomen Collett Foundation

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Newcomen Collett Foundation

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Join the Team!

INCPA working in partnership with UMD International. 

- School Packages: Learn more about our creative arts workshops in schools. 

- After school clubs: Learn more about our dynamic arts based workshops. 

- Up and Coming Black History Month Project in Southwark and Croydon contact us for more info. 

- Interested in working for INCPA or volunteering please email your CV. 

“We really enjoyed ourselves”, “I learnt so much”, “ I stepped out of my comfort zone”, “I learned how to play music”, “I danced like never before”, “ I loved the acting”. 

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