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Ballet Dancer


‘INCPA has helped me learn new skills which I enjoy and improved my behaviour’

‘I enjoyed that I could have fun while learning’.

Inspire New Creative Performing Arts is a community-based drama company which strives for greatness. Inspire New Creative Performing Arts also known as INCPA, is a dynamic training centre for young children, youth, and adults. We endeavour to offer a considerable service to the community introducing them to the creative arts and inclusively delivering a service that impacts our environment, children, youth, and adults positively.

Since 2013, INCPA have been delivering outstanding performing arts classes and training in an environment that is friendly, safe, and rewarding. Students spend up to two hours with us, rotating through sessions in Drama, Dance, and Singing. We provide a space for children and young people to express themselves, build confidence, strengthen their self-esteem, learn new skills and, most importantly, have fun!

INCPA delivers weekly acting, dance, and singing classes which aim to diversify the knowledge of our students, build stamina, confidence, self-esteem, gain expertise through new skills, and perform to audiences in the community. INCPA makes sure that each student feels safe, comfortable, and able to express themselves freely through creating a safe haven in our classes. 

We offer weekly after school classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We also offer Saturday morning classes. Tuesdays we deliver Drama classes for 7yrs+ from 5-6pm and for 12yrs+ from 6-7pm. We deliver Drama classes Thursday evenings for 12yrs+ from 4.30-5.30pm and Adult Acting Classes from 5.45-6.45pm. Saturday morning we deliver performing arts classes from 9.30-11am for 7yrs+. We look at different themes throughout the terms including musicals, black history, role models, and so much more.

The Saturday classes rotate the different disciplines dance, singing and acting including eclectic styles of dance African, jazz, contemporary dance. Musical training for singers of all levels as well as practical acting for the actors. We aim to offer more classes soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Every child is uniquely and wonderfully made and at Inspire New Creative Performing Arts all our students are treated equally and given the opportunity to shine as we were born to do, regardless of their level of confidence, age, or ability. We do not have an auditions process, so all are welcome. We ensure all our students feel encouraged and nurtured within our classes, enabling them to develop at their own pace. 

With a focus on personalisation, each teacher at the INCPA seeks to gradually integrate their students within the group until they are fully immersed in the fun classroom environment and unaware of any inhibitions they may have had before joining us.

Our teachers interact with the students in an energetic and engaging way to capture their students’ attention and encourage creativity. We all aim to make our hour-longed sessions an exciting and fun-packed environment for students where they can develop social interaction and communication skills, engage creatively, and express themselves confidently, both physically and vocally.

INCPA are advocates for inclusivity, innovative ways of working, and we believe you can act, dance, sing and perform at any age your heart desires. 

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore and then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat? 

Or crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags like a heavy load 

Or does it explode?

by Langston Hughes



Creative & Managing Director


Bianca Hutton-Wood is the founder of Inspire New Creative Performing Arts (INCPA). INCPA is an acting company which pursues and creates training and acting opportunities for younger and older artists in the community and in society. They aim to unravel the hidden gifts and talents within each one of us, whilst adding skill to their gift.

​She is an actress, teacher, facilitator, singer, dancer, poet, minister, leader, an author, wife, and a mother of two young children. Bianca is a great initiative taker, planner, organizer, motivator, exceptionally reliable, faithful, and very loyal.

The INCPA founder has studied at Drama schools around London. She has studied and trained at Identity Drama School, Italia Conti, Song Time, Young Vic Theatre, Blue Elephant Theatre, Oval House, Westminster Kingsway College and Roehampton University where she obtained a BA Honours in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies combined with Sociology.

​Bianca has performed at Richmond Theatre in a production of ‘Annie’. Young Vic Theatre in ‘A little Simply Heavenly’. The Blue Elephant Theatre in ‘Man of the House’. Westminster Kingsway in ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Blood Brothers’. Oval House Theatre and Arcola Theatre in various productions. Bianca has studied a variety of different texts including classical and modern text and she writes, directs, and produces plays.

​She has been working in the community delivering creative arts workshops since 2010 until present. Bianca also hosts and organizes youth events in the community with the aim of helping young people to discover their purpose, destiny, gifts, and talents.

She is deeply passionate about the performing arts industry and has invested over 20 years in the creative arts, training, teaching, learning, and acting. Bianca is incredibly proud of her success to date and would like to continue to use her success to positively impact the younger generation.

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