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Terms and Conditions

Inspire New Creative Performing Arts




Please read these terms and conditions before enrolling your child!

By signing the registration form and enrolling in our classes you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below


* New Class bookings need to be paid in advance. 

* All fees must be paid before the session, you will not be allowed to participate if fees are not paid. 

* Students are not permitted to enter the class if they are more than 15mintes late. It is important that students are on time so that they can be involved in the warmup to avoid injury.

*The termly subscription stays the same despite bank holiday, holiday seasons and staff training. 

* As our classes are fixed, fees remain payable in cases of absence. There are no reductions for sickness and holidays.

* Students should arrive promptly, correctly dressed and attend classes regularly. 

* Our fees are paid on the 1st of each month. 

* Children under 8years old are not allowed to leave the class unless accompanied by an adult. 

* Please inform the teacher of any injuries before class for your child. 

* It is important to drink fluids at regular intervals during physical exercise, please bring a bottle of water. 

* Inspire New Creative Performing Arts do not accept the responsibility for items that are lost although anything we find will be placed in lost property. 

* Fees are non-refundable. 

* Inspire New Creative Performing Arts may need to change class teachers depending on the needs of the company and students. 

* Parents are not permitted to watch classes except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the manager. Such circumstances should be discussed with the manager prior to the class. 

* Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during class. Any mobile phone brought into class must be placed on silent or switched off. 

* Photographs and videos of students may be taken and used for promotion and on social media by Inspire New Creative Performing Arts. If you do not give permission for your child photo to be taken, please email Inspire New Creative Performing Arts so that we are aware of this issue. 

* You must give one month’s full notice for any class terminations via email or fees will still need to be paid. The notice period is the 1st of every month. 

* Parents/guardians are invited to watch their children perform when Inspire New Creative Performing Arts puts on a performance/show. 

* The academy does not discriminate on background, race, or religion, regularly monitors staff to maintain academy teaching policies and adheres to Health and Safety procedures.

*You will not be able to come into class if you have Covid symptoms or if you are isolating. Please stay at home if you must isolate.

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